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 Owlcon News and other News

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PostSubject: Owlcon News and other News   Owlcon News and other News I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 19, 2008 7:56 am

Feb 19 2008

Hello again,

After a long month of doing taxes and dealing with personal matters I would like to post what is happening at Dark Skull Studios.

We just wrapped up our second convention at Owlcon. For our company it was a great success! We sold many products, and dealt with many friendly customers. More PDFs than hard copies were sold. Our plan is to sell PDFs directly to customers in a CD format. This format was a great success.

Our plan was simple from the start. Do on site demonstrations of the product. Sell the product in whatever format people wanted.

We sold hard copies of our first product and PDFs in bundle packs. Our two bundle packs were sold as a Core Pack and Master Pack.

The Master Pack includes a PDF copy of DSS001 New Godís Handbook, DSS002 Fateís Guidebook, DSS004 Fateís Screen and DSS005 The Celestial Gardens along with a new version of the Character Sheet in PDF. Price before tax is $24.95 USD burned on a CD with a logo label.

The Core Pack includes a PDF copy of DSS001 and DSS002 along with a new version of the Character Sheet in PDF. Price before tax is $13.95 USD burned on a CD with a logo label.

We also ran specials with the hard copy of the book along with the PDF bundles. We will plan to do this again at another convention.

Right now we have plans to offer these CDs in an order form online. Customers will be able to pay for the CDs through Paypal.

Back to topic,

Our first customer bought our product that day right when we opened shop. The gentleman was one of the play testers for Dark Heresy the last product for Black Industries and a product I personally picked up. If you read about a guy getting blown up by a frag grenade that is his character. Very nice guy, he bought two PDFs of the Master Pack.

We had a few more customers throughout the day.

One the second day I talked to the convention owner (or planner) about doing demonstrations at our booth. He had no problem with it.

So the second day we did 30 min demos of our product. This went really well and drove sales up. We sat down with people, rolled up characters and described the rules as we went along. People were impressed and not a single group I did a demonstration with refused to buy a copy. We did not coerce them. They just bought the book and told me of their plans.

One lady and her husband made a profound remark to me. She told me, she has been waiting for a game like this for years. They bought the PDF Master Pack and a hard copy of the book.

During the day we also got two interviews. One was for Rice University. Another was for a gaming news source online called online gaming news. Here is the address on the web http://www.myspace.com/onlinegamenews . If someone can find the Rice University video let me know.

In other news:

We are looking for demonstrators! If you want to demo our product let us know. You can get some really cool swag to include stickers, posters and later on a T-Shirt with our Logo. For more information contact us at info@darkskullstudios.com

If you want to demo and sell our product we can work something out as well. We are willing to pay up to 50% of sales to you plus some of the vehicle gas if it is a long trip.

Right now we are working with our fourth printing company to get our second product out the door. We hope things will go well and DSS002 will be printed by the end of the month!

DSS006 Legendary Artifacts and DSS007 Tokens and Followers are the next two projects we will be working on. Look for these items in PDF by the end of April.

Thatís all for now,

Take care and have a great day!

Richard Leon

Owner Dark Skull Studios
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Owlcon News and other News
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