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 Dark Jungle - Seasonal News

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PostSubject: Dark Jungle - Seasonal News   Dark Jungle - Seasonal News I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 13, 2008 7:45 am

Players: 3, not as many as I'd hoped, but I'd run tabletop for this, so the game continues.

Player notes: The first year or so uses a VASTLY different encounter table than later.

The first number of players event has been activated.

The game MAY be going to two weeks per season very soon.

If you gain Belief in Winter, describe the celebration of your people.

As Fall turns to winter, the forest bears snuggle in their caves far from the lake region. Many of the reptilian predators become sluggish, some to the point of being inert. The temperature drops, but not to the freezing point.

Small streams of dull gray fish swim UP the river, toward the mountains in the north. Some of these find bays in the swamp area, where they begin their mating rituals. Others continue up both streams. Neither of them stop in the lake, but fishing is plentiful for the people of the Central Lake.

Also drawn to the Central Lake are nearly forty barbarians. Dragging their goods on primitive A-frames, they immediately begin spearing and hand catching the now plentiful fish. That night, they celebrate, noisily banging sticks together, singing, and otherwise making noise.

Barbarians (4 households)
Body: d6 Mind: d6 Spirit: d6
Technology: Intermediate Woodworking (3 households), Trailblazing (1 household)
The newcomers worship local and ancestor spirits, but have no deity.
[Game translation: They aren't affected by illusions, but can still be converted by miracles and/or visits from your spiritualists.]

Far from civilization, other eyes look on the lush valley. "This is the stupidest plan you've had this year, sister." Hisses one.

"Nonsense. We're cold, they're cold. That makes them slow. Weak. We can easily capture an entire family of them with minimal loss of slaves."

"I hope you are right, sister. And that we can control them as we get to more favorable climate."

"When have I ever failed you, sister?"

Rather than spark an argument, she huddles deeper into her furs as the hunter's caravan passes down into the jungle. Then, reluctantly, she joins them, sheltered from the warmth giving sun.
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PostSubject: Xy'caerii: The Great Hunt   Dark Jungle - Seasonal News I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 16, 2008 4:26 pm

As soon as the illusion faded into the fire, the Xy'caerii began chattering among themselves.

Ganna, her regally plumed falcon perched securely on her leather-bound wrist, stepped out and raised her hand to silence the people. The falcon spread its wings and screeched loudly stilling the last of the unsettled Xy'caerii people.

Ganna spoke smooth and clear, "Our lord has issued directions. We are to have a grand celebration and invite the people who scream at fish to join us in the feast. Valdjag'r has spoken. If he wishes us to include these outsiders in our customs and rituals to him, then we shall do so without hesitation. Tomorrow we shall hunt! Tonight, we must rest. Go, to your nests everyone. Come morning all able bodied hunters meet here at the ceremonial fire for anointing!" As she stood down, the villagers stood and began filing out of the ceremonial circle. The last to stand were the other falconers, each with his own falcon perched securely on his arm.

They moved to the center where Ganna waited by the ceremonial fire. Maka raised an eyebrow, "Sharing the ceremonies with outsiders? You dare to assume to understand the lord's desires?"

"I didn't see you rallying the people behind our lord's instructions, Maka. We are his faithful, his spirit keepers! We must uphold his word, and you sat there, chattering with all the others."

"Do not dare to presume I was not doing my job. I was handling the commotion directly around me..."

"Waiting for someone else to settle the larger confusion." Ganna met Maka's snarl with a fore-thrust of her falcon, which screeched and Maka drew back frighted. "You are conniving and you seek the easiest refuge, Maka. You are not a warrior spirit."

Maka sent his falcon into the branches overhead, "We are not warrior spirits, Ganna! We are falconers of Valdjag'r. We keep his faith and see to his rituals. Look around you, none of the others calmed the swelling storm of confusion either. It is not our place."

Ganna straightened her posture more and pointed a finger to Maka, "You mistake the place of the falconers, Maka. Keeping Valdjag'r's faith demands we lead his people. Or have you forgotten the vows you took upon acceptance into the falconers?"

"I have not!"

"Recite! I challenge you to recite the vows. You should have no difficulty if you truly remember them."

"I, Maka, swear to uphold the ways of Valdjag'r. My spirit will rise above hardship and soar with my brother the falcon. I am the eyes of my lord, the protector of my people. My cry will warn of danger. My talons will strike against my enemies. Guide my spirit, Devil in the Boughs. I am your faithful."

There was a pause among the falconers. Ganna was frowning. Maka looked proud and haughty. Another falconer stepped close to Maka and said, "You are mistaken, Maka."

Maka's pride melted into shock, "What, how dare you say so. I am correct in my vows!"

Dagar shook his head slowly, "No Maka, you forgot one line near the end. I myself only just remembered it. We are all guilty of forgetting our vows. Ganna is the truest among us." The other falconers began nodding and muttering in agreement.

Maka thrust a finger into Ganna's face, "If I have forgotten a line, speak the true vows! I demand to hear them from you. Prove you remember them all!"

Ganna shifted, released her falcon to the branches overhead and stood tall, "I, Ganna, swear to uphold the ways of Valdjag'r. My spirit will rise above hardship and soar with my brother the falcon. I am the eyes of my lord, the protector of my people. My cry will warn of danger. My talons will strike against my enemies. My soaring form will show my people the way. Guide my spirit, Devil in the Boughs. I am your faithful."

Maka raised a hand to strike. His fellows grappled him and held him back. Ganna shook her head. "I do not blame you for being angry, Maka, but it is not I who you should be angered by. Release him."

The falconers loosed Maka from their grip and Ganna stepped toward him. "Maka, you are a fine falconer. All I ask is that you learn to lead men as well as you guide your brother." She cast her eyes to the falcon perched above. "Call him. Learn from you bond. As you are linked to him, so you are linked to the rest of the tribe."

Maka lowered his eyes a moment, then raised his arm and his falcon flew down to his wrist. He strode away, leaving the falconers to shake their heads at his retreat. Ganna left for her own nest, and the others saw to preparations for the anointing the next day.


The great hunt would go well. The hunting party was anointed and their arms prepared for conflict. This hunt would be special. First they would have to find game large enough to outweigh their strongest hunter, that would be the gift to the neighboring people who scream at fish. That kill would be brought home and prepared for delivery, meanwhile the hunt for the feast would continue

Ganna and Dagar oversaw the ritual to see off the hunters. They had been chosen by lot to be the leaders accompanying the gift on its delivery. Half the other falconers, led by Maka, would be engaging in the hunt, working with the hunters to locate and bring down the game. The rest would remain home to clean game and prepare hides and bone for other uses.

The trappers were staying at the village to man and reset any traps set off by animals scared from the nearby brush by the Great Hunt as it was underway. They would also handle any unexpected visitors by opening discourse and negotiating trade. If all else failed in such an instance, they would help lead the commoners to safety or victor over their enemies.

Thirty of the commoners had taken arms and been anointed for the Great Hunt. They were armed and prepared to face the possibility that they would become the prey while playing the predator.

The drums began beating. The falconers sent their birds to wing overhead, circling contradictory concentric rings.With a wave of their gloved hands, the falconers flew out to find prey. At a short distance, the Great Hunt followed, dropping out of the treetops and scouring the forest.

Ganna looked at Dagar, "I have a bad feeling about these people that scream at fish."

"Then we shall be on guard when we deliver the gift." Dagar smiled, "You should be more worried that Maka wants your place in Valdjag'r's favor. He is ambitious."

"Yes, but he would not face me without the rest of the falconers at his back. I fear more that he will turn his back on the falconers in a time of need and earn Valdjag'r's ire as opposed to his blessing. Maka is very foolish."

"Foolish and ambitious do not make for a good leader. With hope he will not gain a following of any kind."

"Awe. I doubt he will, but we will watch him."
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Dark Jungle - Seasonal News
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