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 Bindings and Possession of Gods and Spirits

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PostSubject: Bindings and Possession of Gods and Spirits   Thu May 27, 2010 2:05 am

Here is a section from the Celestial Gardens I feel will be helpful for you gentlemen. Please read over and use these rules.

Binding Miracles

A miracle of any type may be binding in nature. As the gods exist on the metaphysical plane of the Celestial Spheres and Celestial Gardens, so too are the miracles created there metaphysical. If a god launches a fire storm made of burning pitch and twisting winds, it is only a metaphysical representation with no actual physical substance. It may affect spirits and gods, but cannot outright destroy them. Any miracle, such as this fire storm, can be used to bind another spiritóin this case, bound in pain and agony, caught forever in a hellish fire storm. This is where a resistance test vs. Spirit comes into play against the miracle cast. If the miracle is permanent it may bind that spirit forever, lost in a fire storm.

The Binding miracle is permanent due to the high cost of binding a spirit, especially a god. There is an upkeep cost for the binding each year, starting from the season in which the binding was cast. Shorter-duration miracles are easily cast off, as the spirit realizes the binding is just a temporary state. A spirit or god will walk out of the fire storm unaffected if it is anything less than permanent in nature.

Binding miracles can have natures of creation, destruction, transformation or control. Creation miracles make walls of opposition, a prison around the spirit. Destruction miracles often destroy mental freedoms, such as destroying a godís senses or his abilities relating to travel or communication. Transformation miracles alter the environment and thought. Control will simply establish a mental leash of thought upon the god.

Breaking a Binding miracle involves much thought and working. Another concept to remember is if the miracle is altered in any way, the miracle now belongs to the god who altered it. A bound deity cannot directly oppose a binding miracle. If a pool of acid directly binds a godís soul, he cannot simply remove the acid. Nor can he simply fly out of it, as the pool surrounds him entirely. The god may use the following options:
ē The god changes the composition of the acid to another liquid.
ē The god drinks the acid pool and attempts to digest it.
ē The god changes his own form into acid, becoming the pool of acid.

Wording is very important in any miracle. Logic is the best solution to breaking a Binding miracle.

Marking/ Binding of a Spirit/ Demon/Wraith

A normal spirit or demon may be bound if its location and name are known. Use of a trivial scrying miracle is needed, along with foreknowledge of the victim, before the binding takes place. There are many instances where a god binds a spirit to do his bidding. Followers of the god are marked and in a way bound already. Binding a spirit is an opposed roll of the godís Spirit die versus the Spirit die of the spirit/demon/wraith. Multiple spirits may be bound at once, but every god must be careful.

If a god marks a spirit, it cannot be bound again except by the marking god. If a god is reduced in status to a mere spirit, all its marked spirits become unbound. A god may mark an unbeliever (not a follower), but the mark may be removed if the spirit chooses to follow another god. Beasts and non-sentient animals may be marked and their spirits bound, usually with no challenge. If a beastís soul is marked, another god may remark it, making it his own. Marking a soul costs only 1 Belief point. There is no upkeep; and the marking, unless challenged, is permanent.

Demons and wraiths can be bound and marked even though they are different forms of spirits (see the New Godís Handbook, Chapter 3, page 54). Demons are rogue spirits who have escaped from the Well of Souls. They know nothing about mortal life unless they observe it. Demons have no morals, being chaotic in nature. Events in the Celestial Heavens shape their thoughts into unusual patterns. Often these experiences shape them into jaded beings who rail at Fate. On occasion some will become gods, as they produce a following in the Known World and have influence over mortals (and carefully avoid Fateís Grasp!). Others take a darker road, and become Leviathans. ďWraithĒ is another term for a raging soul, a mortal spirit in anguish warped and twisted to the point of utter hate and destruction. This condition of the soul is the beginning stage of a Leviathan. Gods would do well to mark and bind these spirits, as they are a menace to the Known World and the Celestial Spheres. Much like spirits, demons and wraiths can only possess mortals using their limited powers. None of these spirits have any godlike powers.

Binding a single soul costs a single point of Belief. Gods use a ten-sided die for their Spirit score roll (as stated in the New Godís Handbook, page 71). Gods may amplify this score or increase the die for an additional Belief point (see Amplifications and Diminishments, below). Upkeep cost depends on the location of the spirit. There is no cost if the spirit is in the celestial abode of the god. If the soul is located outside of the godís realm there is an upkeep charge of 1 point of Belief per year.

Note each god, upon using a Binding miracle, must define the terms of limitation. This should be stated before the casting of the Binding miracle.

Possession Miracle
Gods and spirits may possess living beings such as plants, animals, insects and other life forms. This Possession only concerns the control of the physical vessel, not the spirit of the living creature itself. Possessor and host share the space inside the mortal coil. Spirits and demons may possess the living on a successful opposed Mind roll. A spirit or demon can only possess one person or object at a time. If the Mind score of the object or being is 1, Possession is automatic.

A god may possess many beings and objects as his spirit is very large and can be divided, portioned out. A god may possess any group of objects or beings (up to ten in the group) for the cost of 1 point of Belief. Each being, if it has a Mind score greater than 1, may resist with an opposed die roll against the Mind score of a god (which is a ten-sided die). The godís Mind score may be amplified, or the die roll increased, with additional Belief points. The godís current Belief is the number of beings or objects it may possess.

Upon Possession, a god controls the bodily functions of the mortal or object. Gods may see, touch, think, hear and speak using the vesselís faculties. Gods use possessed mortals as spies to go into enemy territory without being noticed. Disguises and other miracles are often used on the creature or object to avoid detection.

Possessed intelligent spirits may reroll against the original Possession miracle every season. Beast and other lower life forms may reroll every year if their Spirit scores are greater than 1. Each year a god must pay an upkeep charge of 1 point of Belief to continue the Possession. This is because mortals exist only in the Known World and cannot exist as mortals in the Celestial Spheres (with the exception of the Celestial Gardens).
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Bindings and Possession of Gods and Spirits
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