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 Dragon Gods

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Wandering Spirit
Wandering Spirit

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PostSubject: Dragon Gods   Sun Apr 13, 2008 9:38 pm

Per the basic glance over information about the Salamanders and the Dragon Gods/ Elder Gods in general it appears that they consider Humanity a Pestilence of vermin and their Gods are respected at that level. If a Human God does something that say Destroys one of their encampments/villages/cities what would be their response. Now this is in retalliation for Salamander slavers stealing the deity and their allies followers.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Gods   Mon Apr 14, 2008 12:31 am

To the Elder Gods, humans are are indeed vermin and pests. Annoying but insignificant critters who every now and again get sufficiently numerous or intrusive that they need to be swatted.

And while some of the older established human gods appear to be able to deal with the Elder Gods as...poor and embarrassing 'shirt-tail relatives', perhaps, but folks who have to be treated with a modicum of politesse at any rate...we New Gods are likewise vermin and pests. As deities, it's hard to swat us directly, but if we annoy the Elder Gods enough, our *followers* can certainly be obliterated with little effort.

Which doesn't mean New Gods and their followers are the helpless prey of the Elder Races and the Elder Gods. I expect reasonably trustworthy treaties/alliances could be made with several of the Elders, if the New Gods or their human (ugh) followers have something of value to offer.

Or, the New Gods can take the role of *successful* vermin, which is to say "try to get your business done without getting noticed by those with the power to squash you". Engaging in a long and obvious siege or smiting the offending Salamanders via a series of obviously-divine disasters would be a bad plan. Afflicting them with a nasty but seemingly-natural disease, or obliterating them out of the blue so fast that they don't have time to pray effectively for aid from the aforementioned Elder God (who, let's face it, can't *hear* every little prayer of their several million followers and thus might not even *notice* that a remote town of a few hundred souls has vanished...not for a few days or weeks, anyway....) But there's likely to be a BIG price to pay if it turns out that the town in question was of some particular import to the Elder God, or s/he just *happened* to be looking that way when the vengeance came down....

To do that last one right, you need to be able to think like a rat or a cockroach or a mosquito, and get rid of this idea that the PC is an OMGALLPOWERFULDEITYLOOKUPONMEANDTREMBLE. Which might be tricky given the premise of the game....
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Gods   Mon Apr 14, 2008 12:54 am

I don't see this as a topic for Rules Discussion, because rules can't predict ulterior motives or extenuating circumstances. Additionally, this sort of question fails to take into account one vital issue. Free Will, the ability to make choices. But since it has been asked as if there is a hard and fast rule to the situation, I'll provide a rule-based answer.

From page 5 of the Fate's Guide, in regards to Fate's role as Referee, Richard Leon wrote:
You are in charge. Your word is final. The players will let you know if you make a bad decision and you should listen to their arguments, but do not let them bully you.

So if the GM says the Dragon God turns the other cheek and focuses on some bigger more important issue than a puny brood of humans and their annoying gods, it may be the wrong decision on the GM's part, and the players are welcomed to voice their arguments to the contrary (as the GM is obliged to listen), but the GM still does not have to smite the humans down for their insolence if he says the Dragon God chooses to ignore them.

And even if the players insist to the point of bodily harm that the insolent god and his people be slaughted for being so arrogant as to challenge the will of a Dragon God, the GM can ignore that abuse and allow the fool to live.

Although I'm not sure why anyone would desire to tempt getting smashed to pulp by a Dragon God to begin with?

Of course if the GM does make the right decision, then no one should have a complaint, right?
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Elite Follower

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Gods   Tue Apr 15, 2008 5:53 am

1) This thread belongs in the 'World Flavor' thread, forget its real name.
2) Chinese saying: Never kick the dragon in its eyeball
3) Humans squash cockroaches and swat mosquitoes. How many of those TRY to talk to us?
4) Go ahead, try to convince me that deity down in Haldron (may be getting the name wrong) the Human Supremacist God has NEVER offended an Elder Deity.

But honestly, does the wrath of an Elder God need to be fatal? I'd think that letting the vermin know that raiding in MY dominion gets them punished; this encourages them to look elsewhere. It is also FAR easier than moving an army out into the boonies just to take care of some piddly humans. After all, there are real threats, like other Elder Races that those military types should be taking care of.

And yes, so long as Fate is consistent and doesn't play favorites, the player who suddenly has no followers has no right to complain - IF he kicked the dragon in the eyeball, then he deserves what he got. Incarnate upon the earth, and find new followers to replace the old.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Gods   

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Dragon Gods
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