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 Update June 28 2008

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Update June 28 2008 Empty
PostSubject: Update June 28 2008   Update June 28 2008 I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 28, 2008 9:26 am

Greetings Everyone,

Dark Skull Studios is proud to announce the latest product for New Gods of Mankind. Legendary Artifacts is the latest in our primary line of products. Currently the book is on sale for $8.95 PDF at www.RPGnow.com and www.Drivethrurpg.com and $22.95 Hard Cover in July through www.key20.com. You can order a copy now from us. Just send an email to orders@darkskullstudios.com and we will get a book out to you. Also if you want everything in one PDF disc we have those for sale to.

We are running two specials through our own website. You can buy the hard copies of DSS001 New Gods of Mankind New Gods Handbook and DSS002 New Gods of Mankind Fate's Guidebook for $42 USD plus shipping and handling. In a week you can get all 4 books for New Gods in print for $84 USD plus S&H.

More on the next book here:

You are a young god in an ancient war-torn world.

Before the age of man, the elder gods and their races created numerous items of power to strike blows at their enemies or protect what is theirs. These semi-sentient artifacts imbued with the might of the gods helped mortals and their deities in the constant struggle to survive. Some are still in the hands of their creators, some were lost in time, and still others are worshipped as gods themselves. Without these creations of legend, the Known World would not exist.

The elder races were not the only ones to create artifacts.

Horrifying Leviathans filled with a lust to cause fear crafted several artifacts during the War of the Leviathans, insidious works that exist to this day. Even though the threat of these terrifying beings is diminished, their items of destruction await any mortal foolish enough to try and harness their power.

Inside this book players and GMs will find:

• New rules for creating Legendary Artifacts
• Several new charts showing three higher tiers of Miracle Casting
• Legendary Artifacts from each elder race with new miracles
• Leviathan Artifacts with several new Miracles of Terror

With Legendary Artifacts, new gods will be able to create their own weapons and items for their human tribes. Game Masters can find a myriad of possible plot hooks based off of the elder races and Leviathans’ creations. This book is also suited for any Game Master of any system who wishes to add a fantastical item of power to their game.

Also worthy of note:

We are currently at a local convention called ApolloCon. http://www.apollocon.org/ Come by and see the Dark Skull Studios gang.

We will be at two more events this year. One is in New Jersey called DexCon http://www.dexposure.com/home.html and another is a smaller venue called U-con in Houston http://www.comicspace.com/ucon/

I will personally be at the third one and I will run a few games (off the top of my head).

Stay tuned for more updates on conventions and our next book we are working on. (Working title Heroes of the Gods)

Richard Leon

Owner Dark Skull Studios
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Update June 28 2008
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