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 New Year Announcements from Dark Skull Studios

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PostSubject: New Year Announcements from Dark Skull Studios   New Year Announcements from Dark Skull Studios I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2008 9:32 pm


Dark Skull Studios would like to update you on what is happening and will happen in the New Year. We are all excited about the products being produced here and its been a blast. Some patience has been needed as of late but overall we are happy.

First off is DSS002 New Gods of Mankind New God's Handbook. We want to apologize to everyone who has ordered this book. Recently we had a snafu at the printer which was corrected. It looks like the second book in hard cover will be at our house and ready to ship in two weeks or so.

If you want to order both books at the same time we have a bundle deal, Get DSS001 and DSS002 for $42 USD. This deal will be valid all year long through us at Dark Skull Studios.

We still have those who ordered on file. We will send out invoices once we get the shipment in.

On other fronts, our next product DSS005 New Gods of Mankind The Celestial Gardens should be done in less than two weeks. Look for it on RPGNow DrivethruRPG and Key20 in PDF. This book is not just "fluff" but has a lot of meat. Additional rules for miracle casting and a complete adventure are included in this book. The book itself is about a neutral place where gods and Fate meet spirits once they die.

I personally feel this is our best work to date. The content and artwork along with the layout are of very high quality. This book IMO should inspire anyone to play.

Our next product DSS004 Fate's Screen is coming out real soon. This is a GM screen with a nice twist. This GM screen will not just be for NGoM players but can be used for any gaming system. Right now we are working on the product and we hope to have a sample at the door this month which we will approve of. Stay tuned as this will come to PDF in the next week or so.

Our current project is DSS006 Book of Legendary Artifacts. We are currently writing up all the juicy weapons of the gods which are themselves semi sentient beings. It will be a smaller book than the previous ones. But it will pack a punch due to the content and awesome artwork.

We are looking deep into creating a graphic novel this year or another RPG. Stay tuned for more information on this and other DSS products.

Have a great year.

Richard Leon

Owner Dark Skull Studios
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New Year Announcements from Dark Skull Studios
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