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 Soul Recovery

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PostSubject: Soul Recovery   Thu Feb 21, 2008 7:44 am

When I retrieve souls of my followers from the Gardens, do I need to use a Miracle, or do the souls make a great pilgrimage to my Domain? Or is it more of an either/or, I can get them instantly by expending Belief?

This also begs the question of Celestial Artifacts, like a pack of spirit horses capable of carrying souls of the fallen to my Domain. (Not that horses are my theme, it's just a lot more passengers than a sky chariot.)
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PostSubject: Re: Soul Recovery   Thu Feb 21, 2008 8:32 pm

Hello again Rhishisikk,

The main person a god needs to talk to about souls in the Celestial Gardens is Fate.

If you have marked the soul you can pick them up at your leisure in the CG. Or wait for Fate to speak with them. Fate speaks with every soul before it passes on. You can catch up to your soul as it awaits Fate's Judgement too.

But if you marked it just tell Fate and it will let you retrieve the soul. Since you are travelling in spirit form, there is no cost. This is just a statement of actions. Of course this is for the good souls who want to go to your heaven willingly.

The souls you mark for dammnation will try and hide from you. If you do a scrying miracle vs. the mind of the spirit you should be able to find them. Then you can do a miracle to snatch them and bring them home. Remember miracles are 1/2 cost (with a min of 1) in the CG.

I know people are worried about expenditure of belief in so many instances. But there are many many ways to get belief. If you do it right, belief should be pouring in so you can do lots of miracles each year with no problems.
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Soul Recovery
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