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 June Newsletter Update

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PostSubject: June Newsletter Update   June Newsletter Update I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 23, 2013 12:00 pm

Salutations to everyone, gamer and reader alike! Anointed: Mantle of the Gods is here!
June Newsletter Update Anointed-Small-Cover

You can pick up your PDF and Soft Cover Print copy at RPGnow. http://www.rpgnow.com/product/115271/Anointed%3A-Mantle-of-the-GodsIf you have a Kindle reader, you can find our PDF book on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DF7KH9O
Go to www.darkskullstudios.com for more information, or follow us on twitter @darkskullstudio and Facebook at www.facebook.com/newgodsofmankind.

We now have a small catalog of books in .PDF and print form for you to pick up. Click on our logo for a direct link to our product line at RPGnow and Indie Press Revolution.
June Newsletter Update SCC-Banner
We will be at Space City Con and Gencon demonstrating our products and selling books. We are partnering with Indie Press Revolution to sell our books at Gencon. Our live demonstrations will be showing off some of the work we are doing for our complete adventure box set called Kathonia Adventures, due out in publication Summer 2014. If you come by our booths, you can collect copies of fantastic artwork and receive the chance to get cardstock figures printed out in advance. Please come by and participate in our demos! See our game in action as you play the hero and play a god all in the same location, Kathonia. Our demonstrations will consist of one group playing New Gods of Mankind as human gods in Kathonia and another group playing Anointed: Mantle of the Gods as heroes in the same world, working for the same gods! 
June Newsletter Update New-Gods-of-Raanon-Logo
New Gods of Raanon is coming to your PC browser. Look for our game on Facebook July 15th! Play as one of six types of gods with and against your friends! It is a harvest type of MMO, where you collect items and build your village up to the highest levels. Duel your friends, but beware—you can lose your followers and have your village ransacked by them. You might even wind up with a burnt building and your hero’s head on a pike!
June Newsletter Update Lysandra-and-Morgis-Thumbs
Our next intellectual property will be coming out near the end of this year. It will be a collection of short stories, illustrated in a dark ink style with a lot of style and dark brooding atmosphere. It is called The Lively Bones, or Vivam Ossium. Here is an excerpt from our first short story, “Child of a Sumerian God.”
“So I am talking to myself great,” he said, pulling out another smoke and lighting it.
“No. I am real.  I hopped a ride on your back and now we must cross the bridge known as Scoured Victims of Harsh Red Plague in your language. You will need to move quickly, for this bridge is of my making. Move if you want vengeance.” 
“What are you?” Michael asked, turning his head around to see a small insect sitting on his shoulder. It looked like a praying mantis with dragonfly wings and very large eyes. Its tiny tongue lapped up a spot of dark liquid on Michael’s shoulder. It looked right at him with its multifaceted eyes. Cold chills grew from his spine. It spoke again.
“I was once the most powerful high priest in a city that was destroyed long ago. We ruled this land with fear and death. Nurgal our father and his servant, Namtaru, blessed us and we drew blood and battle for him. Now I am trapped in this small twisted form waiting to be reunited with my lord. He will give you vengeance. He will bring you the power you crave, the power to change the world. If you wish to call me something, call me Ix. Now go, and we can cross this bridge.”

We will have a full poster ready for both conventions to show you what we have in store for this story line and our New Gods of Mankind product line. Get ready to play, as hero or a god, on your PC or live at a Table-Top!

On a final note...get ready for our Miracle Dice Application for Android! If you forget your dice, just go download some!
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June Newsletter Update
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