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 Power level equivalents? (my two bits)

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Wandering Spirit
Wandering Spirit

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PostSubject: Power level equivalents? (my two bits)   Thu Sep 22, 2011 8:52 am

What differentiates a "Minor" Alteration from a "Major" Alteration? I know upgrading a follower three steps is considered a "Major" Alteration, but what if a player wishes to alter the sea currents in order to move his follower's boat a little faster? We need some sort of equivalency chart to give Storytellers consistency in adjudicating MIracles (of the non-conflict kind). We have the dice pool thing down pat, but we need more comparisons as to what the miracles can affect. The equivalency charts will still require some thinking on the Storyteller's part, but at least we'll have a better idea of relative power levels.

Examples of equivalency charts (these are just examples, and not to be taken as a bona fide rule!):
Trivial - Altering the color of an object or creature (not camoflage), altering a cloud into a particular shape, altering the sound of insects to sound like conversation, altering the humidity in the air (100% or 1%, although you could not create humidity where there is none), etc.
Minor: Altering one physical aspect of a human (eyes, height, weight, looks, upping one stat, etc.), changing a mundane item into another mundane item, complete alteration of lower life forms (invertebrates and the like), alter water currents to slow or speed up a river, change a minor breeze into a forceful gust, etc.
Major: Altering major physical aspects of a creature (claws, wings, fangs, cat eyes, etc), changing a mundane item into an expensive item , altering a follower into a lower life form (retaining their mental faculties or not), change a mild breeze into a tornado, etc.
Legendary: Altering all physical aspects of a creature (such as changing it into a non-living object), alter water currents to form a large whirlpool that stretches for hundreds of feet, alter a minor breeze into a tornado of the worst kind, etc.

Trivial: Create a small mundane item, create a cloud, create humidity where there is none, create an illusionary construct that affects only one sense, create a minor part of a physical object that does not necessarily invalidate the purpose of the object in question (the handle of a door, a keystone on an arch, or a buckle on a sword belt).
Minor: Create a medium sized mundane item, create a raincloud (no thunder), create an illusionary construct that affects two senses, create a significant physical object (create a belt for a scabbard), permanently eliminate/create one sense (hearing, smell, etc) on a creature, etc.
Major: Create a mundane object of any size (including moving parts), destroy an creature, create damaging weather effects, destroy a living creature, etc.
Legendary: Limited only by the God's imagination, I suppose.

Once again I will stress these are examples and have not been examined or put into any module or book. Any roll that involves another item or creature is obviously going to come up against defending dice pools and the power level may not be commiserate with the event in question, but for non-conflict oriented MIracles the chart may help in deciding what power level to assign.
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PostSubject: Re: Power level equivalents? (my two bits)   Fri Sep 23, 2011 4:46 am

If you would like to make a small article or sticky out of this, feel free to do so. If you wish to publish something that is also welcomed.

There should be many examples of non-conflict power scales and a lot can be written about this. A few is a start but you should categorize the examples by types of domains (physical-elemental, idea-major thought etc.)

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Power level equivalents? (my two bits)
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