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 The Celestial Gardens Supplement and GM Screen Coming in Feb

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PostSubject: The Celestial Gardens Supplement and GM Screen Coming in Feb   Wed Nov 14, 2007 2:01 am


Dark Skull Studios is please to announce the up and coming products!

Fate’s Screen (DSS004/ February 2008 $9.95 Hard Copy Special orders available in Dec [info@darkskullstudios.com)
This is a full-color GM screen for New Gods of Mankind with charts and information ready for you to use on any occasion such as parties, night clubs, golfing, and tabletop gaming.

The Celestial Gardens (DSS005/ 80pgs/ February 2008 $18.95 Hard Copy/ $6.95 PDF copy December 2007)
Welcome to your first stop on the road to the heavens. 
Here on the outskirts of the Celestial Spheres sits the Celestial Gardens, a “waiting place” for spirits and demons before they move on to their afterlife. Seven areas created by Fate for the movement of souls are available for play with full descriptions, NPCs, special rules, and plot hooks for those areas. For those wanting more ideas and scenarios in the Spirit World, this book is for you. 

Also included is an Appendix titled, The Art of Miracle Casting Basic Miracles and Concepts. This is an extension of the rules for miracle casting. There is a lot of meat on this bone and GMs and Players alike will get a better understanding of how miracles work and what common miracles they can use.

Sit down and rest a spell in the purgatory of the soul
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The Celestial Gardens Supplement and GM Screen Coming in Feb
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