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 Casting Miracles for Secondary Effects

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Casting Miracles for Secondary Effects Empty
PostSubject: Casting Miracles for Secondary Effects   Casting Miracles for Secondary Effects I_icon_minitimeMon May 09, 2011 2:06 am

I am a nube at the game, just starting in the VTT testing. I much prefer indirect effect magic. But I am not sure how to get the effect I want.

I have several ideas but I want to flesh out the miracles. Jayne the Culmination is my deities name. My deity is based on a stone/bronze age polymath like Leonardo DaVinci. His primary is Humankind and his secondaries are construction, prosperity and learning. He is in Harmony with Transformation and Opposed to Creation. He works primarily through boosting his followers since his primary is Humankind. He can always affect his tribesmen as his primary in miracles. Non-follower humans are still in his primaries also. His Miracles focus on granting his followers superhuman abilities. His starting resources

Here are some spell ideas I want to work out. They are all similar in that they rely on causing a follower or group of followers to create a permanent effect with a temporary spell. Here are some sample spell ideas.

Miracle of Masterwork Creation -- Actually this is a transformation effect cast on a human or humans. This is scalable and is designed to be a spell cast on a Humankind Follower(s) to create 1 or more Masterwork items capable of giving a +1 , +2, or die size/number change in a situation.

EX: The Miracle of Masterwork Weapons and Armor causes a craftsman or hunter to become a Hero and in just one day he creates 10 sets of weapons and armor that are of far better than usual quality resulting in some kind of bonus to Body that lasts until the Armor and Weapons become obsolete. The spell is cast on the follower, not the items so the effect is not a permanent spell.

EX: The Miracle of the Holy Construction is cast at the level of the local population and Empowers them with the skill and stamina to do a season's construction in a single day, resulting in a bonus season's work on a temple, fortification, irrigation etc.

EX: The Artifact Stone of the First Commandment. Jayne starts with Medical Knowledge. His First Commandment is graven in Stone and is an Artifact instructing his followers to cleanse their bodies, minds and souls through bathing, prayer and meditation daily. The Artifact contains a spell which is usable annually on the Summer Solstice which causes all those followers who lay with a member of the opposite sex to become or cause pregnancy. I am thinking this would give a bonus roll or some other modifier to the annual birth rolls.

Any body know how to write these up properly and cost them out?

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Casting Miracles for Secondary Effects
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