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 Free actions a New God of Mankind can perform

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PostSubject: Free actions a New God of Mankind can perform   Thu May 27, 2010 2:01 am

Please review everyone and note what you can do for free.

Listen to Prayers

While in the Celestial Realm, Gods are constantly aware of the prayers of their followers, which they generally hear as a quiet whisper on the edge of hearing. While minor Gods with only a few hundred faithful may be easily able to identify individual prayers, most experience it as a soft rustling on the edge of hearing as myriad followers pray for help or guidance. The stronger the will of the one offering the prayer, and the more effort is expended in its formation, the louder it echoes in the mind of the God to whom it is directed. Particularly potent prayers (such as after months of ritual preparation, or by those who kill themselves so their God might consider their request most seriously) are heard as if the believer were shouting nearby.

For the most part, however, prayers wash unconsidered over the deity. Simply by choosing to do so they can listen to any individual prayer, but given the sheer volume of requests only the most minor gods can pay attention to every request. However, they will still receive a sense of what their followers are praying about—if thousands pray about a lack of food their deity will be aware that their people are hungry, even if they never listen to a single prayer explicitly. The sudden swell of prayers means they will also be immediately aware of any great disaster or event to suddenly befall a significant proportion of their followers.

The gods can choose to pay attention to certain individuals, and many prefer to pick a single priest or leader as the representative of their followers, listening directly to the prayers of this individual, and otherwise simply letting the prayers of the others wash over them. Others ignore all prayers completely, while yet others prefer to pick and consider prayers purely at random.

Divine Sight

Gods are not limited to prayer when it comes to the mortal realm: they can also choose to view it directly. By concentrating, a deity can choose to view any area of the mortal realm over which they have dominion (generally, any of their territories, along with any location occupied by one of the faithful), as well as any part of their territory in the Celestial Realm. While this requires no expenditure of Belief, it does take a degree of concentration, and the deity can observe only one location at a time. Using Divine Sight, they can perform Miracles in the mortal realm and observe the results.


While some of the gods watch over the mortal realm by listening to prayers and using Divine Sight, some prefer to take a more direct approach, incarnating directly and walking among mortals, either in the full panoply of their glory or in disguise to find out what is really going on in the world.

A god may incarnate with a simple effort of will and the spending of a single point of Belief. They may appear in any area which they could view with Divine Sight, along with the exact spot at which they ascended to the Celestial Realm when they became a deity. When doing so they must take on a mortal form: this can be that of a member of any species that worships them (not limited to the visages of their followers: they may take any appearance of that species they like), any form customarily associated with them by their followers, or that of any mortal creature that falls within their Domain. They may change their form for any other similarly valid form at any time by spending an additional point of Belief (this can also be used to heal any wounds or ailments).
A god who has taken on mortal form suffers the constraints and limitations of this form, though their abilities are exceptional by mortal standards: A god is considered to be exceptional at every skill and ability (rated as an individual with D10 for purposes of conflict resolution), with the exception of skills that are considered to fall under their domain, which they exhibit at the limit of human capacity (rated as D12 for conflict resolution).

They may choose to exceed these mortal limitations via Miracles, which operate in exactly the same way as if they were using them from the Celestial Realm. As well as using Miracles on their surroundings, they can also use them to enhance themselves, throw lightning, transform into shapes they couldn't normally take, or anything else they have the desire and Belief to accomplish.

Their mortal form is vulnerable to mortal damage, and can be hurt or even “killed.” A God will feel pain if struck, just like a mortal, and if somehow their form sustains enough damage to have killed them were they fully mortal, they vanish to reappear in the center of their Celestial Realm. Such a loss is painful and embarrassing enough were they in disguise; being cut down while openly walking in the mortal realm as an incarnate deity can lead to both loss of Belief (the “death” of a known deity's form counts as the loss of a major hero), as well as suffering further loss for losing to a significantly less powerful enemy. The same losses occur should an openly declared deity be bested in some other contest of skill (see the Conflict Resolution section for more details).

While incarnate, the God is no longer able to hear prayers and cannot use Divine Sight, as well as being unable to sense the condition of their Celestial Realm. A god may choose to return to the Celestial Realm at any time, reappearing anywhere in their Realm, without spending Belief.
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Free actions a New God of Mankind can perform
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