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 Disguise, Scrying and Ward Miracle Rules

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Disguise, Scrying and Ward Miracle Rules Empty
PostSubject: Disguise, Scrying and Ward Miracle Rules   Disguise, Scrying and Ward Miracle Rules I_icon_minitimeWed May 26, 2010 9:22 am


I would like to share with you some rules to help you guys out in this. I am not sure how familiar you are with the Celestial Gardens book, but there is an appedix in the back. I want to share a section with you. It will make life easier and help out.

Disguise, Scrying, and Ward Miracles

Standard miracles for gods also include miracles of Disguise, Scrying and Wards. Domain and Inclination do not affect these standard miracles.

Gods use disguises frequently. Even incarnating in the world as a mortal is a type of disguise in and of itself (see the New Godís Handbook, Chapter 4, page 71). But to disguise your power from other gods is a different matter altogether. Scrying miracles allow a god to know what he is dealing with in terms of power levels, and even more detailed scrying will inform the god about how many followers his rival has, and even the rivalís location. Scrying miracles are also used to find locations of persons, places or objects. Scrying miracles may set off an alarm known as a Ward. Wards inform the god when someone is intruding on his territory instantaneously. The god may view the Ward and determine the threat to his area.

Disguise/Scrying Miracles

Gods have many reasons to use disguises. Memories and personality (encapsulated in the Mind score) are very precious and should be hidden. Other bits of information, such as the god himself traveling in the Known World, a powerful artifact, or a hero on a dangerous quest need to be hidden from enemy eyes. The Disguise miracle is a mere illusion that does not alter or create anything but a disguise. It also conceals the location of the person, object or place from detection. Disguises come in several strengths according to the chart below. The more powerful the Disguise miracle the harder it is for Scrying miracles to penetrate. Opposed rolls are used between the Disguise and Scrying miracle. Disguise and Scrying miracles use the same chart below. *Disguise miracles have an upkeep charge as they are permanent miracles, while Scrying miracles have no upkeep as they are used and discarded.

(Table 2)
Type of Disguise/ Scrying Miracle Basic Cost Upkeep* Die Used
Trivial 1 0 d4
Minor 2 1 d6
Significant 3 2 d8
Major 4 3 d10
Legendary 5 4 d12

Since gods are not omniscient, Deities use Scrying miracles to find locations and other intelligence about hard-to-find objects, people or places. In order to use a scrying miracle the god must have some knowledge of the subject under study. Names are very powerful, and to know a name of a subject is to put a common reference to it anyone can access. The only other substitute is a complete physical description of the subject.


Gods and magic-using mortals use Wards to detect intruders. This includes miracles used against the god, from scrying to other forms of attack. A god may simply use a single Belief point to activate an alarm, creating a permanent Ward which will inform the god of intrusion. There is no upkeep and the miracle is permanent. Multiple Wards may be set up, with no maximum. But each alarm can be circumvented through the use of trivial miracles. Often it is how the alarm is placed that is the key to its usefulness. If an alarm is set upon a temple in the Known World, it may not be directly in the temple. It may be floating above in a cloud or underneath the earth of the temple. A scrying miracle might be used, but with caution. If a scrying miracle does not roll its maximum roll for the die type, it will set off the alarm. (This does not count bonuses as a d8+1; this Scrying miracle only needs a 7 or 8 to succeed and not set off a Ward miracle.)
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Disguise, Scrying and Ward Miracle Rules
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