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 Plains of Lashon Campaign Character Notes Thread

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Name: Fate
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PostSubject: Plains of Lashon Campaign Character Notes Thread   Plains of Lashon Campaign Character Notes Thread I_icon_minitimeThu May 20, 2010 10:02 am

Greetings one and all,

This thread is for anyone wishing to post about their god or goddess. This includes side role-playing, writing up miracles, showing off, details about your god's tribe or other errata that will not be covered under normal game play.

This is a bragging thread and a fun place to post! Please use and abuse this place.

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Venerable Preceptor
Wandering Spirit
Wandering Spirit
Venerable Preceptor

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Name: Venerable Preceptor (Moh Tzu)
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PostSubject: Notes for the Preceptor   Plains of Lashon Campaign Character Notes Thread I_icon_minitimeSun May 23, 2010 5:14 pm

Deity: The Venerable Preceptor

Type of tribe: Settled

Origin of Tribe: Refugees from Gohai

History: Terrified by the increasing factionalism and visibly-impending collapse of Gohai, a cabal of scholars and their students met to discuss ways of securing a brghter future. Many chose to support a plan put forward by an especially gifted teacher, Moh.

He proposed gathering together suitable allies, securing control of necessary resources, and striking out into the great expanse of plains to start a new city from scratch: one run in an enlightened fashion, serving as a haven for the knowledge and culture now so sorely threatened by Gohai's parlous state - and, as a fresh start, it could hope to surpass its ailing and sickly parent.

Unfortunately, some involved in the plan chose to betray it to hostile factions within Gohai, and after the murder of Moh the intended careful exodus of hundreds of hand-picked indviduals turned into a hasty flight by scholars, their familes, their guards, and a few loyal allies.

To many people's surprise, Moh chose to continue to assist those seeking to implement his plan in spite of the extra problems now faced. Speaking to his closest friends and relatives, the newly-made ancestor spirit provided advice and guidance, helping the refugees to complete their escape from Gohai, and then make their way out onto the Plains.

As losses were suffered, the fledgling tribe came to depend increasingly upon the guidance of the ancestor spirit. He helped to advise them on which animals were written of as being good to eat or dangerous to hunt, he passed on what he had read about finding water, he relayed all he knew of the habits of slavers (both warm- and cold-blooded)....

His most noteworthy success came in his people's encounter with a demon. Possessed of a human, it had reshaped its host to suit its interests, and gleefully menaced the terrified refugees. Through those who could hear him, Moh engaged it in conversation, tempted it with knowledge about the world it was newly experiencing, and eventually cut a deal - the entity helping to protect the refugees during an especially dangerous leg of their journey, in return for being fed tales and lore about its state and the things it might now go on to explore in its new body.

Eventually, the refugees reached the comparative safety of the heart of the Plains of Lashon, and there found people with whom they were able to forge an alliance. It was during the building of his new temple that Moh was called before Fate, and granted godhood.

New Tribal Home (1st territory): the broad, shallow flood-plain of one of the minor rivers feeding into the great marsh of Fogbottom. It has the potential to be very good land, but is as yet lacking in irrigation works.

Village - First Lesson: Clearly-defined streets, marked out with stones and lines in the soil. Presently occupied by some distinctly rough-looking huts... though a squat mud-brick ziggurat, surrounded by a high boundary wall, has been constructed at the heart of the site. A combination of holy site, government building and fortification, the Temple of the First Lesson is the only impressive thing about the village, and gives it its name.

Resource: Writing.

Culture: Literacy of huge importance to the tribe, with scholarship and thought having enabled those who followed Moh's guidance to reach safety and commence the restoration of civilisation. Now that Moh is the Venerable Preceptor and his former students and descendants are his worshippers, both have high hopes of seeing their dreams made real.

They are, however, acutiely aware that they need to master the practicalities of life out on the plains, and are anxious to learn from and share knowledge with their new neighbours and allies.

Ruler: Laoshang, the Elucidator of Simplicity. Moh's most loyal (though not his most brilliant) student was one of his sons, who became the driving force behind the tribe overcoming various trials on its exodus, and who sought to remain true to Moh's original plans and dreams. Upon the ascension of the Venerable Preceptor, Laoshang was rewarded with surpassing intellect, and an unique insight into precisely how to make his people work together without wasted time or effort, with each person assigned to the task for which they were best-suited. As his talents in thsi regard were demonstrated - the Temple of the First Lesson being built in a remarkably short time - the tribe were happy to accept him as their new priest-king.

He resides in the Temple of the First Lesson, where he directs the labours of the tribe, supervises the tuition of its members, and leads the efforts to expand the temple's already-burgeoning library of salvaged scrolls and newly-written religious texts.

Religious Observances: The acts of reading and writing are, to some extent, religious acts in themselves. Likewise, teaching is both a holy duty and a privilege. The sharing of knowledge is an essential part of life for Moh's people, and is seen as a way of honouring their protector - and of better preparing each other for the future.

Formal ceremonies take place in the temple itself, for the most part, with heavy emphasis upon the telling of tales - especially of the trials undergone in Gohai and on the journey to the new home.

One special event is the once-per-month commemoration of the possessing demon encountered on their journey. To the tribe, the encounter with him both proved the value of a wide array of knowledge, and also demonstrated that with wisdom and insight allies can be found in the unlikeliest of forms. The demon itself, which went by the name of Gong Jao, is offered respectful prayers of thanks for its role as a protector and ally. Even Moh doesn't know if it's still out there or if it's been taken by Fate - but an alliance is to be honoured, and he hopes that if the demon is still free, it appreciates the occasional trickle of Belief.
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Wandering Spirit
Wandering Spirit

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Name: Grapes
Title: The Harvester
Primary Domain: Madness

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PostSubject: Re: Plains of Lashon Campaign Character Notes Thread   Plains of Lashon Campaign Character Notes Thread I_icon_minitimeSun May 23, 2010 10:53 pm

Deity: Grapes, The Harvester

Type of tribe: Settled

Origin of Tribe: Rejects from surrounding Tribes, escapees from Gohai.

History: No one knows for sure the origin of Grapes. Some speculate he was once an alcoholic prisoner who went mad in solitary confinement. His Mad Prophet could have undergone a similar fate.

A good chunk of his followers are escapees from Gohai, herded away on donkey carts by the Mad Prophet who presumably intended to eat them. He found human flesh distasteful, however, and so recruited them into the ranks of the Grape Tribe. The refugees were delighted to have found paradise.

New Tribal Home (1st territory): On the outskirts of the Field of a Thousand Breaks run waterfalls. One small cluster of these falls turn deep red and flow with wine. The Wine Falls lead directly into the Grape Village into a small canyon. In the center lies the Shrine of Grapes, surrounded by a moat of Wine.

Village - Grapes: A motley collection of tents, huts, shacks, lean-to's, cottages, and the occasional extravagant construction make up this town. There was no clear design to the construction, and some of the villagers have begun to excavate the canyon into a labrynth of extremely confusing tunnels, most of which lead to dead-ends.

Resource: Wine.

Culture: The population is made up of rejects from surrounding Tribes. The hanidcapped, disfigured, mentally ill and people who generally don't fit into society inhabit Grapes. Most of them are completely insane or a little off-kilter at the very least.

They drink mostly wine and live a life of merry-making. The wine is considered the best in the area and they gladly trade copious amounts for materials they need to survive otherwise.

Ruler: The Mad Prophet. Most visitors have a hard time recognizing or finding this man. He usually wears a ragged loincloth and carries a beat up wine cup. He is a professional beggar, and can be very persuasive to receive generous hand-outs.

Religious Observances: Although the wine flows year round, Grapes' followers are only allowed into his shrine one season per year. If they approach his temple in during the wrong season, a loud belch emanates from the ground in the form of a small earthquake that instills the fear and love of god into the population. They dance and drink in his name during these events.
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Wandering Spirit
Wandering Spirit

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Name: Varrius
Title: The Flamehearted
Primary Domain: Fire

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PostSubject: Re: Plains of Lashon Campaign Character Notes Thread   Plains of Lashon Campaign Character Notes Thread I_icon_minitimeTue May 25, 2010 3:29 am

Deity: Varrius (Means "Flamehearted")

Type of tribe: Nomadic

Origin of Tribe: Flamescale Mountains

History: Former members of an ancient tribe situated on the edge of the Flamescale Mountains whom were hunted almost to extinction by Salamander slavers. Having seen a spirit of fire protect a group of young children, the leader of the tribe - Beritt commanded the people of the tribe to hold a festival in his honour.

A few weeks later after enjoying the benefits of having the spirit teach them of mining and smithery the Salamander attacked in greater numbers wiping the tribe down to a fraction of it's former size. Nevertheless the fledgling humans had been able to fight back against the Lizardmen, despite incurring losses. A council of priests who were already worshipping the spirit as a god decided it would be better to journey north further from Salamander holdings.

Sensing the belief it was receiving from the tribe, the spirit followed and aided them and eventually took on the persona of a kind and loving young man, fired by warfare and his passion for the tribe. The God that would be Varrius was just now beginning to form.

They travelled north slowly, guided by their new gods words and actions to try and find somewhere safe for the tribe to settle, but their troubles were not yet over. They soon came upon a federation of new tribes, and instead of attacking and taking their land for themselves as was the old way, Varrius suggested they integrate themselves for the betterment of them all.

Soon after that the tribe held a festival of friendship, the skyline lit up by fires and the tribe began to rest for the winter season on the edge of the other tribes territory. This, allowed them time to integrate more strongly with the other tribes and the first mixed families were formed.

New Tribal Home (1st territory): The Tribe of the Flamehearted are nomadic and as such their 'territory' is just slightly south of the other tribes, to such an extent that many see them as some kind of border guard separating the troubles of the south from humanity to the north. They spend the majority of the year moving from place to place looking for somewhere to settle, however in the colder months of the year the are to be found camped on the edge of their brother tribes territory.

Village - The Flamehearted have no viallage of their own, either setting up tents for rest or sleeping under the stars huddled together around a campfire. The tribe has two shrines, both made from the remains of Salamander raiders they slew on their great flight north. These shrines are full of the ashes of slain tribes members which are allowed to float in the breeze on windy days.

Resource: Mining and Smithing

Culture: The Flamehearted are a strong warrior tribe with the philosophy that the best defence is a good offence. As such a quarter of the tribe are themselves Flameguard, who take on the duel role of tribe warriors and elite smiths. The rest are mostly content sharing hunting and foraging duties. Many of the tribe have various tattoos branded onto their skin in the forge at a young age.

Despite their fierce appearance, the passion of the tribe also means they make friendships easily and are willing to hold a festival for a variety of reasons, such as birth of a child or meeting a new tribe.

Ruler: Beritt. the fire golem. Always at the head of battle, tribal chief Beritt was the man who decided it wise to worship the fire spirit which he had found protecting their youth. Unfortunately he was injured and maimed in battle during the journey north. Unwilling to give up just yet he continued to lead and for his perseverance and fierce love of the tribe, Varrius gifted him with a new more powerful body, which he uses to lead the tribe and crush their enemies. Able to take on whole platoons of enemy warriors he is still very much the kind and loving man he always was, despite his physical disfigurement.

Religious Observances: The protection of the tribe is of utmost importance to them, and those who worship Varrius by taking to the field of battle with sword and shield are treated with equal respect as priests in their own unique ways.

The tribe lights and fire in specially crafted containers atop their shrines every night and dance and give thanks to their god. This serves the duel purposes of reaffirming their love and also calming down the children of the tribe so they may get asleep more easily.

Every winter when the tribe is camping with the others in it's federation, they begin the festivities with the celebration of blood. This event is twofold. The bravest warriors from each tribe are invited to engage in mock battle for the pride of their tribe. Afterwards the rest of the menfolk in the tribe join in the fun, they compete with one another to see who can find the most beautiful bride to join the tribe. The prize of course is having a stunning new wife.
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Name: Haois
Title: Overlord of Light
Primary Domain: Virtue

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PostSubject: Re: Plains of Lashon Campaign Character Notes Thread   Plains of Lashon Campaign Character Notes Thread I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 05, 2010 11:33 pm

Deity: Haois Overlord of Light

Type of tribe: Nomadic

Origin of Tribe: The Pit and the shores of Zzzalon

History: Haois was once a nameless slave of a small camp on the shores of Zzzalon. He was a slave to a cruel and sadistic slave master who had tortured him till he was broken. But one day he snapped and killed his slave master and many others but was soon beaten and thrown into a abandoned cave alive as punishment for what he had done.

A few weeks later he was forgotten and misery in the camps continued until one day reports came in from the north east of Zzzalon that had been reported from the salamander and human slaver scouts that a great rebellion had started and a bizarre being in shining gem armor was leading the charge against them. This, the slavers thought, was but a mere fairy tale but they were wrong. It was Haois riding atop his steed, a mysterious spirit called Noel, as he came across wielding a magic sword.

The slaves, in hopeful happiness that this being was a god come to save them, prayed to him and hoped that he would liberate them from they‘re torment. Little did they know that he was no god but a spirit that had possessed the power over crystals in the mine he was thrown in.

After weeks of war, The Pit was the next place the rebellion would raid, the battle was small but long and epic until finally a cheer arose from the heroic liberators of Haois. After the battle a celebration was held for it was then that Fate made Haois a god. In return the worshippers of the god and had a celebration in his honor but it was not long until the god commanded that they leave for the promised land of Haarath. As they set sail for an adventure they’d never forget.

New Tribal Home (1st territory): The Tribe of the Covenant of Crystalight (as they are called) are nomadic and as such their 'territory' is just north of the planes of Lashon. When they’re boats had crashed on the shores of Lashon, being the survivalists they are, they had migrated to the nearest place where humans were. This of course was the northern plains much closer to the gnomes and other wildlife. They are planning to go up further north near the gnomes but there are still many trials ahead.

Village - The Crystalight have no village of their own, (not yet) either setting up tents for rest or sleeping under the stars huddled together around a campfire. The tribe has two shrines, both made gems and flora from nature or gifted to them by they’re god. Each shrine is guarded by Haos Knights and placed either west or east signifying the rise and setting of the sun. Many of the dead are buried next to the shrines and after they are buried beautiful flowers immediately grow in they’re place.

Resource: Mining and Masonry

Culture: The Crystalight are a strong tribe of warriors, psions and druids with the philosophy that balance is key to greatness and virtue. There are three types of professions in the tribe. The Haos Knights who take on the duel role of tribe warriors and elite smiths. The Solar Psions, gifted by Haois with the ability to bend light rays and are able to train others in they’re ways they are the priests and prophets of Haois. Then there are the Lion Tamers able to tame lions and hunt for the tribe as well as scout the perimeter for the tribe. The rest are mostly content sharing hunting and foraging duties. Each of the professions are usually shown by the type of clothes each of them wear.

The Crystalight may seem peaceful and kind but don’t let them fool you they are fierce and will not falter as to distribute righteous justice upon those who would threaten them or hurt them.

Ruler: Resaberus. The heroic chieftain. Once a lowly slave Resaberus was put into terrible battle in The Pit forced to fight for his freedom he was forced by the slave masters to kill his opponents but he would not. Even when they beat him to do so he would not. He would fight for his family and the chance for freedom but not for the slavers. One night he had a dream that a knight in shining armor would come to save them. He realized then that it was Haois and he began worshiping him and fought by his lords side. Haois was impressed by his love and commitment to his family and friends and gifted him with magic armor and a powerful sword known as Aos. Resaberus is a chiseled veteran with a strong body he is kind, merciful, and understanding toward others.

Religious Observances: The power of virtue and balance is the philosophy for those who worship Haois. To show they’re love for him they put on a celebration in his honor. However the festival is differed due to they’re time such as war or peace.

In times of peace the tribe gather together early in the morning to await the morning sun. Afterwards the tribe goes about they’re duties of gathering food, wood, water and all forms of entertainment. The people then gather it together to feast, put on games, tell stories, interpretive dance and sing. In times of war the rules much apply to the same except the tribe gathers together and sharpens weapons as well as prepare by training.

When all is gathered together they all await the approval of they’re god by staring into the sky. When the feast begins one star shines brighter then the others and shines a beam of light down toward earth which takes the form of they’re god. Showing that under his love and kindness they shall be treated forever as equals not slaves.
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PostSubject: Re: Plains of Lashon Campaign Character Notes Thread   Plains of Lashon Campaign Character Notes Thread I_icon_minitime

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Plains of Lashon Campaign Character Notes Thread
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