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 Game time and rules

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Game time and rules Empty
PostSubject: Game time and rules   Game time and rules I_icon_minitimeMon May 10, 2010 11:57 am

Greetings everyone,

This thread will deal with game time and rules for this play by post game. I want this to be as much fun as possible without dragging too much. Here are some of the initial rules. I will gather up a complete list and repost it here once everything is agreed to.

1. Time of posting: The GM (Fate) will be posting on Fridays. Players need to respond by Sunday. GM will provide additional responses on Mondays.

2. Threads for in character and out of character: To avoid any confusion there will be simply two threads. Please keep your responses to a reasonable length. No long essays. If you wish a seperate thread for any extra acting you may start one. All action will happen in the In Game character. Out of character threads will involve any questions that need to be asked to the GM. Each In character game thread started will be the beginning of a season. Once everything is completed (and all actions taken by the gods for that season are done) we will move on to the next season by group consensus.

3. In game characters: I would encourage everyone to create a new account that is your character's name and filled out character sheet. This makes life easy. This forum allows for dice rolling so take advantage of it!

4. Starting Items and Resources: Everyone starts with 100 followers, 50 Belief, 1 Resource type (from the article on the website), 1 territory, 1 temple or two shrines. 1 Village and basic hand tools, tents or mud brick homes. Additional items at Fate's Discretion.

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Game time and rules
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