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 The Origin of Overlord Haois

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PostSubject: The Origin of Overlord Haois   The Origin of Overlord Haois I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 18, 2010 2:10 pm

Long ago, Haois was not always the humble god you know him as. Once upon a time Haois was but a simple slave. This man, however, was not Haois. This man was a nameless man, a sinful man, a cowardly and foolish man. The evil Salamander, the main slaver who ruled the land, knew this. Her name was Alonia and she ruled a large plot of land to the north of this very island. She loved to create malice and dread amongst the slaves as well as the slavers. But her favorite slave to torment was the pitiful nameless slave. She had made him her own personal slave so that he could fulfill all of her most dark desires. Though Alonia was a great and mighty power she however was not as strong without her magical pendant, Calithon. The pendant was a powerful item that could enter the minds of mortals and make and bend them to her will. But one day that magical pendant went missing. In Alonia's paranoia she blamed it on her main slave, the nameless coward. As punishment for a crime he obviously would not commit she and her guards took him to a dark cave far from the slave camp. Alonia threw him in and sealed the entrance shut. The pathetic slave shouted and pleaded but no one was there to hear him. He panicked running deeper into the cave hoping by some mere miracle he could escape. As time passed he realized there was no way out. As he grew weary he fell to the ground tired frightened and hopeless he could do nothing more than sleep. As the slave slept he dreamed. Years passed as He dreamed of the terrible things that he had done and the terrible things that happened to him in return. He had secretly always had been sorry for the things he had done but now he had truly regretted them and desired to repent. He began to realize how much he hated the slavers for everything they did to him, to them, to everyone. He hated them and that hatred seethed and took form of a lion. The lion called to him and roared out ''arise my master! Hell must be paid!!! To and for all that is good to thyself and that evil may pay the ultimate price for their sins!'' The slave was in awe of this strange creature but knew not what to do. ''And how would I escape from here noble lion?''. ''Awaken master'' the lion growled ''and behold your new self''. The slave awoke and realized he was no longer human. So many years had passed that his spirit had left his body but not earth. The crystals he also realized had grown around him and had melded with his spirit and sparkled brilliantly in the crack of light which appeared from the roof of the cave. '' Now rise master'' the lion growled '' above from purgatory to behold paradise''. The newly formed spirit did so breaking out from the top of the cave to rise into the air. He could see many things the beauty of spring, the love of summer, the happiness of winter and the wonderment of fall. The lion rose with the spirit ''now master where would you wish to go?'' The lion purred. The crystal spirit looked at the lion he realized it's fur was white as snow. The spirit spoke his voice like that of diamonds ''to free my people'' he said. Haois had went to the front entrance of the cave and looked upon it in remembrance. The lion came and stood next to him '' call to them master'' the lion urged. Haois did so and as he cried out crystal began to take form and shape into sentient beings. He led his shining army back to the slavers kingdom and waged war. As the people beheld this amazing being and his power they mistook him for a god and began to worship him. As they worshipped him his power grew and his army amassed of slaves, crystal men, and freedom fighters. The nymph Alonia grew worried if this continued the heroic new god would surely win! She pulled out everything to defeat him from mere minions to minor miracles. But it seemed nothing could stop the powerful being. However she knew there had to be a weakness to him so she disguised her own daughter Mara as a slave and made her infiltrate the hero’s base of operations. Though spirit cared for her the lion did not trust her. She had begun to seduce the heroic spirit. Little did either of the two realize the two began to fall in love. Mara was considered odd for a salamander standard. She was considerably less cruel then her mother or any other nymph for that matter. She even seemed to show some pity for some slaves. In the end somehow some type of humanity reached her and she decided she would never betray this new spirit. But it did not matter. Alonia had much more information then she needed already realizing that this new found god was but a lowly spirit. But it was a timed affair if he could gather enough followers in time he would easily become a god. All that Alonia had to do now was call upon Fate to do her dirty work with his grapplers. Fate of course did know of this but sent his grapplers to take the crystal spirit. Though the young crystal spirit but he fought them all off that is till the day he learned of Alonia the 2nd's betrayal. He gave in and allowed the grappler to take him. As he was taken away the rebellion faltered but Mara would not abandon the followers of this spirit. They all began to fight even without their god behind them for they were dedicated to freedom and him who liberated them. As the heroic spirit saw this he regretted his doubt in his servants and pleaded with fate to at least allow him to save them. Fate grew to have pity for the poor spirit and allowed him to go back to earth to help the slaves. The spirit returned to help his freed slaves with the lion at his side it was at this moment that they're faith increased and it was at this moment that the spirit became a god. It was then that he had conquered the kingdom by rallying his army and his miracles to Descend Upon his enemies. Afterwards it is said that then heroic god was given a name by fate himself. The great god was given the name, Haois, and as Haois' story goes he went on to taking Mara his bride, the lion as his faithful servant in their new realm and to lead the slave people to freedom to this very day. And that is the remarkable tale of how a lowly imperfect cowardly slave became a goodly perfect god.
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The Origin of Overlord Haois
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