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 Goddess of the Sky (Need a Little Help Here)

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Wandering Spirit
Wandering Spirit

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PostSubject: Goddess of the Sky (Need a Little Help Here)   Wed May 27, 2009 10:58 am

OK, so I'm in the process of setting things up for a new NGoM campaign, and my wife has chosen to play a Goddess with her primary domain being "the Sky." Sounds pretty important, right? Well...

For whatever reason, I'm having a difficult time coming up with examples of miracles that could actually fall into the domain of the Sky. Most of the ones I think of would be better suited for domains like Weather, Water, etc.

Maybe some of you guys here could help me break the mental block I seem to be having here?

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PostSubject: Re: Goddess of the Sky (Need a Little Help Here)   Wed May 27, 2009 6:17 pm

Hi Midaea,

Hmm miracles and ideas concerning the sky. It is a nice subject and there are samples of real world dieties that fall under the domain of the sky such as Nut the Egyptian Goddess.


Some nice miracles dealing with the sky would include changing the night to day or vise versa. Also forming cloud creatures or cloud structures would fall under her category.

The formation of storms (not necessarily control) or the passage of the winds can also fall under her domain.

I would work some cloud miracles along with some night and day miracles along with giving people to the ability to walk in her domain (Sky-Walkers Very Happy)

Hope this helps,

Richard Leon

Owner Dark Skull Studios
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Goddess of the Sky (Need a Little Help Here)
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